Learn how to Get JACKED With Deer Antler Spray


1249669369_getting-ripped_1004255Deer antler sprays are a popular form of bodybuilding supplement designed to help improve athletic performance and aid in muscle/strength building. Using a concentrated form of deer antler velvet, deer antler sprays are growing in popularity and are even more effective than what they once were. Deer antler velvet is the outer layer on a male deer’s antlers, which is extracted just before they reach a fully calcified state. They are then concentrated and sold as deer antler sprays.

The Science Behind Deer Antler Sprays

You may be wondering, how do deer antler sprays work? There is a very simple mechanism behind deer antler sprays. Deer antler sprays contain a growth hormone called insulin growth-like factor 1, or IGF-1. This hormone is similar to hormone in structure but acts much like human growth hormone (HGH). In fact, in order for IGF-1 to be created, HGH must be secreted into the bloodstream and sent to the liver.

So what does IGF-1 do?

IGF-1 acts and functions much like human growth hormone. IGF-1 plays an important role in:

- cell growth and replication
- protein synthesis
- helps metabolize carbohydrates
- stops overproduction of insulin
- helps regulate circulation
- regulates bone growth and development

Benefits of Deer Antler Sprays

If you’re like me, chances are the science is great and all, but you’re wondering what benefits deer antler sprays actually have. Here are the most common benefits of deer antler sprays:

  • Massive increase in strength and muscle mass
  • Decreased recovery time in between workouts
  • Improved stamina
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Reduction in body fat
  • Improved joint health
  • Improved skin health
  • Plus Many More!

All of these benefits can be seen in just a short period of time. Most users see improvements within the first few weeks of using deer antler sprays. Continual use of deer antler sprays can drastically improve strength and mass gains as seen by the testimony of thousands of users.


Best IGF-1 Boosters

There are numerous IGF-1 boosters on the market, but none compare to Antler X, our #1 rated deer antler spray. Just look at this chart for proof:



As you can see, Antler X is clearly the best IGF-1 booster on the market. No other product can satisfy your fitness goals like Antler X. Not only is Antler X the best IGF-1 booster, but it also the best deer antler spray that your money can buy.

Antler X – BEST Deer Antler Spray

We’ve discussed Antler X a lot and we feel it is the best deer antler spray on the market. If you’re hesitant on buying Antler X, here are few reasons why we rated it our #1 deer antler spray:

Antler X contains 100mgs per serving: Most deer antler sprays only contain 40-50mgs per serving. Antler X packs a whopping 100mgs per serving, which offers faster, more effective results. This also means you’re not wasting your money on filler ingredients but instead are getting pure deer antler velvet.

antlerx-order-now-e1364772869448Antler X is competitively priced: Some deer antler sprays cost upwards of $90 per bottle! Antler X is competitively priced at $50 for a one month supply and STEEP discounts are offered for bulk orders. A three month supply is only $100 and a six month supply is only $150. That”s like getting 3 bottles for FREE!


Antler X has a 90-day money back guarantee: If for some reason you do not feel satisfied with your order of Antler X, you can receive a full refund within 90 days. This is two or three times the length that leading competitors offer!

Antler X uses the highest quality ingredients: Antler X uses the highest quality deer antler velvet that is routinely tested for quality and purity to ensure you get the safest, most effective ingredients. If you want a high quality deer antler spray – Antler X is the right supplement for you.

So what are you waiting for?

Antler X is hands down the best deer antler spray and IGF-1 booster. Thousands of people have built muscle and strength, improved their athletic performance, and their overall health. You can too. Take the first step to a stronger, healthier you by clicking the link below to order Antler X.



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